Tuesday, January 1, 2008

wow 2008

I just can't believe it is 2008!! It just seems like yesterday when were welcoming in the new year of 2007 with lots of excitement. Stephanie graduating High School, her going off to college, and Eric graduating from Lay Leadership School. And now here is it time to reflect on the past year and look forward to a new year of hidden surprises, a time of worry and of hope for our family.

We spent New Years Eve with my dear friend Deb Nelsen. She hosted a fabulous party with Peggy, & Ralph Hussing, Lynne Deb's daughter and her friend Cole and his mom Lori. Peggy Ganzhorn and Terry McHugh. We ate loads of good food and played lots of fun games. By 10:00 PM the adults were looking at the clock and wondering if it was time to say Happy New Year (is this a sign of getting old?) :0)

Well all made it to Midnight except one. By 12:30 AM we were all ready to head home to our comfort of our beds.

Stephanie went to her boy friends grandparents house to celebrate and got home after we did. These young kids staying out later than their parents.

We all slept in till about 8:30 then I got up and made french toast for every one. MM MM good! Now we are all just chilling for the day. Mom went over to Bob and Bobbie's house for lunch and to play card with Doris, Marlys, & LeAnna.

As for us nothing to exciting? Just trying to think of a new years resolution I guess my biggest is to get organized and things cleaned up in my craft room so I could feel like scrapbooking again.


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