Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just chatter!

Wind!!! I am so sick of this wind already!! Not good for a great hair day. yeah I need to get mine cut so that makes it even worse having longer hair than what I would like. Eric had his last doc. appointment today and was cleared yeah!!!! No more doctor visits.

I got my May/June issue of Scrapbooks etc. I just luv this magazine it has so much neat stuff in it and most of all it has things called page maps which give you ideas on how to do different pages!! This magazine has more ideas in it than Creating Keepsakes. Not as much ads which I really love grant it I can see up coming items in the Creating Keepsakes magazine but I get more ideas from Scrapbooks etc.

Today 4 years ago I think Travis and Stephanie started dating. Wow!! Not alone that today the Titanic sank and also it is tax day. Do you have your taxes done? I have mine done but don't see what the hurry was the money we got back we have to turn around and give it to State. Not much fun on that part.

I need help to get my self organized in my craft room. So I think I better get off the computer so I can at least make a stab at it. I am going to take pictures of the before and the after so I can show you when I am done. Now that I told you that maybe I will get off my back end and get it done now!!!!

Tata for now!

Hang on to your hats!

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