Monday, April 14, 2008

CMT and other things

Okay the opening was great but the rest went down hill. What in the world kinda dress did LeAnn Rimes have on? What happened to wearing cowboy boots and western shirts and hats. And for the girls nice western dress attire? This is getting to be ridiculous!! Hope I am not the only one that thinks so out there. These girls now days just want to show every thing they have to the world. All I can say is wow.

Dancing with the stars is boring this year. I don't know if I am just tired of the judges or the dancers that they got this year are boring. I really don't even miss it.

My Creating Keepsake magazine came today. I have read it all. There are some neat stuff coming out that I would like to try. But I think it will be a while before they are in stores. Some things take no time and then there are others that for ever!

Well it is past my bed time just had to get this done. Chat with you tomorrow I hope!!!

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