Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The grass is green the grass is green!!!!

Hooray the grass is green. Got the hint that I am just a little excited that spring is here. I even walked today around town with Karen. Boy am I out of shape!!!

Talking about green Friday when I went shoppen for groceries Wal-Mart had bags you could buy and use instead of the plastic. So Mom and Mom#2 and me bought 4 each. My daughter would be so proud that I am trying to go Green. :0)

I was really surprised on how much you could put into them. They really hold a lot. They were only 2 for $2.00 so I thought that was a good deal. I just might buy more next payday. Think I will put my name on them so that way I wont be charged again for them. And I hope I can remember to take them with me when I go into the store. Every little bit helps though. I kinda think it might be late but I am trying.

Well I put this web site on my old one so the ones that were watching that one sorry and I hope you enjoy this one. Like Jennifer (Eric's Cousin)

Tata for now. Oh yeah the wind has kinda stoped blowing. It is still blowing but I can handle the wind much better now, I don't have to worry about bad hair day!!

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