Tuesday, August 5, 2008

45 years

Wow it is MY 45th birthday. I such a young pup! I really had a nice day my daughter made breakfast for my and Eric this morning. MMMM Pancakes!!! Then I taught her how to run the grill for lunch. That was kinda interesting!! For super Stephanie made George Strait Chicken!!! Good stuff! Eric bought me flowers and here is a picture of the flowers he bought.

Then Stephanie baked me a birthday cake and here is a few pics!! It was strawberry my fave! She did a good job decorating it with skittles.

Eric also bought me a balloon and an angel pin that has my birthstone in it. I love them all :o).

Then we went to choir practice and Deb and Jane threw confetti and sang Happy Birthday to me. They also had a cute cake for me with three candles in it. I would like to thank all who made my birthday a very special day. Even my brother who said I was an old fart! I told him that my farts were not old!!

Thanks ALL!!!!!


Petersons said...

Happy Birthday Cousin!


colosnowangel said...

Thanks!!!!! Cuz!