Saturday, August 30, 2008

Started off on the wrong foot!

Well we made it to Indiana and it didn't start off real well. The train was four hours late! I fell and thought that I just broke my new camera. Here is a picture of my hands.

Then we had to get off the train in the first town they came to in Illinois we had to and get on a bus the rest of the way cause we missed our train in Chicago! Go figure! Yeah my mom told me to call but I was so excited about going that I forgot to call. Oh the camera well I lost the camera lens cap to a lens eating drain cover!!

Here is the view from our motel room Thursday morning!

We are right next to the new Colts football stadium. Not a bad looking place for a dome!

The brick yard was just too cool for words I have so many pictures to share that I don't know which ones to share with you so here are a few!

I will post more in the morning I am really tired so enjoy what I have up so far. This was a day I will never forget!!!

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