Saturday, June 14, 2008


You want to hear some thing funny? This shows you how air headed I can be. My mom called tonight and she is having fun! Her class reunion was really nice she said. Everyone that seen her album that she made, really liked it! Well any who I told her that we were going to go up to Preporation Park t see the damage up there. Well by the time we delivered the bulletins and got some thing to eat we headed up to Preporation Park we couldn't get in very far they have it blocked off. But we seen where the tornado came down the valley. So I stopped to see if we could get a picture we knew it might not turn out cause it was getting dark already but I told peanut to try any way. Well she tried alright but guess who for got to put the memory card back in the camera. Yap you got it I did!!! Silly me! I guess we might try tomorrow. I hope everyone has a very Happy father's day!!! Happy Father's day dad!! :0) Oh yeah guess where the card was right where I left it in the computer here. dah!

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