Sunday, June 22, 2008

She's coming home!

Well today is the last day of mom's vacation! I talked to her this morning cause I had to tell her that she would be coming home on a bus and not a train. She is so cute, she was worried where they were going to put her luggage at. I told her not to worry that there would be room. She is leaving the same time as the train would of been and arriving the same time in Omaha so that is good. I will have to get up early cause I think her bus doesn't come in until 5:59 AM so early rise I will be. She is excited about coming home I think. Kinda like most people she misses her bed! We had a laid back Sunday I didn't get every thing done that I wanted to. Like clean the house. Well the night is not over yet so there will be time yet? Don't see it happening though. I just hate being so lazy some times. I hope to have energy here real soon though. Have a great evening ya all!!!

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