Thursday, June 12, 2008

She's off and fine as frogs hair!

Well we finally got mom to Colorado early this morning about 4:00 AM the train finally came. Her original time was 10:29 PM the 11th. With all the rain and storm we have had the train was way delayed. But we finally got her on her way. And Stephanie is home safe and sound too. She got home right after the storm went through. She had a great time but really tired. You will have to read her blog and her penguin's adventures too when she ever gets it caught up! She had lots of pictures to show. We have some flooding in the county. A lot of fields are under water as we speak. The sad part it is going to be too late to replant by the time it gets dried out.

Next we are all fine as frogs hair! We had a tornado hit just about 7-9 miles form here. It hit a boy scout camp. Unfortunately it killed 4 young boys. One also was in Moore head too. That is where Eric's mom lives. So when we found out that one had hit or was in Moorhead we headed up there to make sure she was fine. And she was. I have never of thought that we even had tornado's last night. They said it was a tornado wrapped in water. They are the most hardest to see cause of the rain. I am just glad and thank God we are all safe!

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