Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well our daughter has left the coup for 10 day with her boyfriend and family. They are headed out to New York to visit Travis's Aunt and Uncle. She left Monday about noon and we have finally made contact with the world beyond. She emailed me this morning and I just noticed that she posted on her blog so if you are interested on what she has been up too you can look over to the right and click on where it says My peeps and then click on where it says My Daughter (Stephanie) and check out what she is doing. Oh yeah I just love her banner on her page it is worth the look any way!
Today I helped get all the garage stuff ready for Sat. at the church and brought three tables down for the ladies. It took six of us two and a half hours to get every thing ready. I think all they need to do it price every thing!!! Oh yeah peanut I got you some thing form the garage sale but I am going to keep you hanging for a little bit then I will post what I got for you!! Don't you just love me!!!
Well gotta run and do the Wii so I can beat all of peanuts scores :0)!!

Tata for now!

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