Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A day to reflect

I had a day to reflect on things one the election last night. The state of our country. But the most important thing was that today is a day to honor my dad. He passed away 12 years ago today. I can remember that day like it was yesterday. The one thing I remember it was election day 12 years ago. Mom and dad went and voted and then decided to go shopping in Loveland. Well that is where we lost my dad he had a massive heart attack and died. He told my mom he had to go to the bathroom and went to the gas station across the parking lot. :0(. But my day was totally different I voted and then Eric got one of his very first harvest check and it was the biggest check I had ever seen. I had to go and get groceries so his sister Tina and I went shopping. The first words out of Eric's mouth was don't spend it all!!!!!!

Tina and I had a great day. I had gotten some Christmas shopping done and got groceries. Well all the way home I knew I was very uneasy not alone that I had just spent most of his check. I was so so scared on what he would do to me. Well on the way home we seen Jackie (mother-in-law) she was to be at my house but she was heading south on the interstate. So we stoped and tried to find out what was going on and no one new. so we came the rest of the way home and when we came around the corner Eric was already home. Boy did my heart fall I new he just knew I had spent almost his whole pay check. But he was home to tell me that my dad had passed away.

But I look back on my life and I feel that I was so blessed that I even had a chance to know my dad and to have him as long as I did. He was there for all the important things in my life like, Graduation, wedding, and the birth of his first granddaughter. Now I just know he is watching out for me and hopefully smiling!!! Love you dad and miss you!!!

This picture was taken on my wedding day. Me and my dad!

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Stephanie said...

Grandpa was a great person. I am so blessed to get to know him. And have the time that we did have with him. I love that picture of Grandpa and you.