Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm back home!!

What a world wind trip I have had over the weekend. Friday about 10:00 or so Stephanie, mom and I left for Minnesota, so mom can catch the train to go and see my brother for a whole month! It was a nice drive we took some unplanned stops along the way and here is why we stopped for one of them. I seen this old barn out in the middle of no where and just had to have a picture of it. I plan on making it black and white and hang it in my kitchen with all of the other barns I have taken pictures of. This was taken by peanut though I can not take credit gotta give credit where it is due! The travel was nice and calm until we got into the Twin Cities at rush hour mind you and for some one not knowing where the heck she was going was pretty freaky to say the least. Well after w had to stop at a good will and ask for directions we finally made it. You know almost all the drivers we pretty considerate of me not knowing where the heck I was going let me in every time I needed to get over in another lane. Thanks to all those where nice to us!!! We got to the motel room and it was flipping freezing in there for about 4 hours. We ordered pizza which took an hour an a half for us to get. What is up with that? Any way here is a couple pics that my mom took with her new camera.

So we are starting to get a little warmer in these pictures. But still had a bite in the air. About 10:30 we left and took mom to the train station. Her train was to leave about 11:15. When we had gotten there is was already there. How cool was that. This was the first time any of us didn't have to wait for our train to arrive!!!! whoo hoo!

Now in the morning this is what we woke up to.

Then after we checked out we headed for breakfast at Micky D's. Then I stopped at the motel and finally asked for directions to the Mall of America. And the nice lady gave me the best and easiest directions, they were just awesome!!! Be for long we were there. We hung around for about four hours, Bought some Christmas stocking stuffers and a couple of other things. Had lunch at Arby's mmmm mmm good! The sandwich was any way, my drink was so sweet I could not hardly drink it, I think they needed to fix their carbonation in their machines. Here is a picture that peanut took while we left. And a couple of the Lego land that she had taken. OH yeah I took one of her in front of Bubba Gump Shimp restaurant with Forest Gumps suit. She was so excited when she seen that. :0)

Now we are on our way home and here is a couple of pictures that Stephanie took from the car while we were going down the interstate.

And the best of the best picture that was taken at a Mc Donald's I think those people there thought that we had never been in a Micky D's before. Well we have been in plenty in our time but not one like this one it was like a rock N' Roll one and it was so cool. Peanut will have more on her blog some day so you will have to check out all of the other pictures that she took while we were on our trip. Oh yeah Chill came with so Chill some day will up date hers too. So watch and see when they up date!!!

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