Friday, November 21, 2008


This is a email I received from mom # 2 and it is a update on Lisa:

To those I haven't told yet, Lisa's thyroid cancer seems to be back, only as spots on her head. She's had several tests and more to go before they decide what to do. Friday she has an ultrasound on her neck and Saturday she has a PET scan. We think she'll have a radioactive iodine treatment, but that dr wants all these tests first before he decides, so we're still waiting. Will keep you informed.

This one is a update#2
I made a slight error on the PET scan. It was to be Sat. the 29th, but before the dr at Creighton sees her, he wants all that done, so it will be the 26th at Creighton at 8 AM. Then she should have an appointment with him. It would be nice if she could see him the same day she has her scan, but they wouldn't be that accommodating, so there'll probably be 3 trips to Omaha. She's still keeping up her schooling and work schedules, but they are both willing to be flexible. She still has an ultrasound tomorrow morning and then goes on to school.

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