Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just a few days late!

Well I am just a few day late posting about what I did Sunday. Well for starters we went to church and then came home and got Stephanie packed so I could take her back to school. Yes Travis could of taken her but we went craft fairing in Sioux City. I was kinda disappointed in this years craft fair until I found this just too cute find. I had see this in Council Bluff at their craft fair in the Spring but didn't get and have kicked myself for not getting it. So I decided this fall I would get when we went to the craft fair but they didn't have it there, we walked it all so I could find it but with no avail we had no luck. :0( But when we went Sunday I had found my treasure!! Are you ready to see what I picked up?

Now you have to understand my bathroom is decorated in out houses it is just so stinking cute! Don't you think?

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