Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First time voter! :0)

My baby voted yesterday for the first time. I was so glad and proud that she voted, and that I was able to share this special day with her, even though she didn't want no pictures taken. But you know me I have to try to capture every thing I can cause some day when I am old and can't remember things I can look back and hopefully remember this day. She was our 101st voter yesterday. We had 100 voters by noon yesterday. We all have a game that we play when we start working on the election board and what we do each one of guesses how many voters we are going to have well I said 200 and they all thought I was crazy, to make a long story short not a one of us girls even got close to the amount of voters we did have.
This next picture is of discus cause I was taken her picture! I can just imagine what she was saying!! Not for little ears I bet. or just MOM must you take pictures. Some day I hope she liked that I took her picture.Here she is casting her vote. Now you can't change your mind now the shredder has casted you ballot! It was kinda funny some people asked if that machine would shred the ballots and we would say yes (just jokingly of course). And other we told them to watch there valuables cause we had it programed to take their gold and silver and at the end of the day we were going to take what we wanted and sell the rest to the government so they can pay of the national debt!!! :0)Travis was waiting for Stephanie to cast her vote and was sleeping cause she took so long! Can you see the smile on his face! :0) He really wasn't sleeping. Last but not least here are the ladies that I worked with from left to right Marlys H., Sarah B, Doris W.

And here was one of the sample ballots. We had 262 voters yesterday that came and did their civic duty. WOW we was really busy yesterday. I think that was a record. A history in the making in Pisgah and I was part of it. Just too cool!

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Stephanie said...

I am glad you took pictures. Thank you. And you didn't explain that the machine scared me.