Sunday, December 14, 2008


Last night we went and seen Brule' in Sioux City. And they were just awesome as usual. We have gone and seen them the past four years now, the first time was in Omaha and the rest was in Sioux City. We have taken our mom's to it for their Christmas presents. This year my mom didn't get to go cause she is in Idaho visiting my brother for the Holidays. But this year was a little different cause the Sioux City Orchestra was there also. It was nice they had the choirs from WITT (Western Iowa Tec) collage and Wayne State collage. They sang for about an hour, then we had intermission while Brule' set up for their part. I was disappointed cause they only played about 5 songs with the orchestra. We usually see them perform for about 2 hours. :0(
Don't get me wrong but it was nice and all but when you have gone all these years and have seen them perform that long and get to hear almost all of their songs it was a little disappointing. Their Native American dress was really bright and beautiful, not that they are never that way this year just seemed more brighter. Here are the pictures I took, except for the last one Stephanie took it for me.This little guy was there last year and was just a baby. I think he likes to have his picture taken what do you think?

This is Nicole and she plays the flute. Stephanie really loves watching her cause she too plays the flute.

This is Paul, Nicole's dad. He plays the keyboards.

This is Mosses and he is the drummer and let me tell you he is just awesome in my book and a good looking guy!

These are the dancers that performed during the songs. Now you can see their colors of their Dress ware.

Now this is HOOPS! I just love watching him dance with the hoops, he makes me tired just watching him. I have my picture taken with him every year well I think just the last three years any way.

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