Saturday, December 27, 2008


Another Holiday gone. You prepare for it for a couple of months and it is gone in seconds. This year I found myself not making all the candy I usually make nor the cookies. I did get some made but not like I used to. And believe it or not I was not done shoppen this year until the 24th. How scary is that. Now the sad part I just mail some of my Christmas cards out on the 24th and still have lots still to mail!

Any who I have loads of pictures to share with you all for starters I got new glasses so here is one with my new glasses one.

We as a tradition always give peanut a pair of pj's for Christmas Eve. So drum roll here is the 2008 pj's!

Here is my love of my life in his new sweatshirt that we had gotten him. He is styling!!!
Here is a picture of Stephanie and Travis in their matching sweatshirts. Just don't notice who is on the front. We haven't changed Travis into liking the Broncos yet! Ain't they cute?
Eric got me a new digital camera for Christmas and this is a picture of me opening it. And yes I have one but I wanted one that I could carry with me all the time. I just love it as you can see in this picture. Giggle giggle I was just a little excited!!!

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