Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hump day Wednesday

Happy hump day Wednesday! Just got back form Bible study and thought I would share with you some of my holiday decorating I have done. Keep in mind it is all not done yet but it will get there. So this first picture is of my mom's living room. Yes mom I used your living room hope it is okay didn't want just one side of the house decorated think that would look funny.

Now the next ones are of my new white Christmas tree that has my snowmen ornaments on it. Ans soon it will have photo ornaments on it just got to get them all out and done so I can put them on it. And yes peanut there are Christmas presents under the tree now see.

This is my china cupboard that is now in the kitchen and I have all my snowmen on it. Think I have plenty? If you ask my family they would say yes!!! :0)

This one is my talking snowmen and as you can tell they have Rosy cheeks when they talk. These cute guys drive my daughter and husband crazy when they go off cause they are motion activated. Just toooo darn cute if you ask me.

And now this is my big tree that is in our living room. I won't put presents under this tree this year cause really there is no room underneath it for any thing. I have a train that goes around it also but this year I didn't put the batteries in it cause we never really made it go around the tree. I have always wanted a train that went around my Christmas tree. Now I hope you have enjoyed your tour of some of my decorations!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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