Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Shoppen

Yippee my Christmas shoppen is done for this year! I have really never been so behind in my shoppe as I was this year. The sad part every one is getting less than normal, especially the kid. Even Eric and I decided not to exchange gifts this year so we can go on vacation back to Indiana this spring or summer. The first thing we need to do is get new tires and some other things that just might pop up when they check the car out. I need new glasses. We are also trying really hard to pay off our credit cards as soon as possible. We have two that are really close. Which I am really glad for cause I have been paying more on all of them so we can get them payed off. I will hope to God that we will be smarter than we were this last time. It has scarred me having this debit over our heads with the way things are now days in the world. Well it almost bed time for me I am soooo tired that I need tooth picks to keep them up. :0) So till we meet again have a great day or week which ever it may be.

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